Great Wine Closet Using Under-Staircase Space

The space below a basement staircase often goes to waste. This state-of-the-art wine closet turned this unused space into a connoisseur’s dream.

Wine is one of the few things that can improve with age. But it can also rapidly deteriorate if kept in inadequate conditions. The three factors that have the most direct impact on a wine's condition are light, humidity and temperature. Another consideration is security for expensive wines that often appreciate in value.

The storage area features a cedar panel ceiling, and custom racks and shelves over a granite floor.

—  Houzz
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Joanie tilføjede dette til winecellars16. marts 2021

Wine under stairs with lockable door. 2021

Kina Morgan tilføjede dette til Dawn House10. marts 2021

This would be like shiplap which would be nice

platinumplus tilføjede dette til Wine tasting room2. marts 2021

Could work under stairs in basment

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