Roseclair Residence

The entry hall doubles as a rotating gallery for a large collection of artwork, much of it by family and friends.

Photograph © Eric Roth Photography.

A love of blues and greens and a desire to feel connected to family were the key elements requested to be reflected in this home.

Project designed by Boston interior design studio Dane Austin Design. They serve Boston, Cambridge, Hingham, Cohasset, Newton, Weston, Lexington, Concord, Dover, Andover, Gloucester, as well as surrounding areas.

For more about Dane Austin Design, click here:

To learn more about this project, click here:

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Mark M tilføjede dette til Interior Doors And Finishes29. maj 2019

Hallway could look like this...framing around doors, pictures, lighting

simonbcooper tilføjede dette til lighting hall20. januar 2019

Imagine coming home drunk - not one of those pictures would survive my walk up the corridor.

tattie88 tilføjede dette til hall26. december 2016

Pictures of all shapes and colours might look lovely in my long and narrow hall

kryuchkova_iuliya tilføjede dette til Мои желания)22. september 2016

«Мне очень трудно собирать работы в одном стиле или жанре, потому что в мире так много всего, что мне нравится, — говорит он. — В нашей коллекции нет определенной темы или структуры. Я просто покупаю то, что находит отклик в душе, то, что радует глаз. Если я чувствую, что с какой-то картиной меня связывают слишком долгие отношения, я легко отпускаю ее. Бывает, что кто-то из друзей или постоянных клиентов влюбляется в ту или иную картину, и тогда я просто снимаю ее со стены и дарю».

dolphindancer30 tilføjede dette til Styles I Like10. juli 2016

Love the foyer with all the artwork.

anndu tilføjede dette til Art & Crafts8. juni 2016

DANE AUSTIN DESIGN SaveEmail Behold the gallery hall. Austin is an avid collector, having studied fine art and art history at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. “It’s really difficult for me to collect one type of art because there’s so much that I love. There’s not a particular rhyme or reason to the pieces we have. We just buy what we love and that speaks to us,” he says, adding: “If we feel like we’ve loved them long enough, it’s OK to let them go. If someone comes over and really loves a piece, I’ve been known to take it off the wall and give it to them.”

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