Building my first house at age 74.

Anne Leonore
31. august 2015

OK, I know what you're thinking: at that age you should be getting rid of stuff and Here she just starting out.
But my husband and I have spent years trekking in the jungles of Indonesia collecting primitive art and we have five storage bins full of stuff, some of whicjhwe've never even seen! Not just stuff, really, all special things at least to us.

The big fly in this ointment is that we both love rococo: You know what I mean: elaborately carved furniture with gilt, enamel on the walls, velvet fabrics etc.

Doesn't really go with primitive totems and spirit boats, right?

but I'm determined to blend these two styles: I already have some intricately carved massive chairs and a couch we had made in Bali that seems to go with some Louis XV furniture that we have.

oh. I forgot to mention the plum colored 6 foot tall fireplace from the 17th century that we are putting in the living room and a tapestry made in 1673 that I see going in the dining room

my plan is to unite it all partly by using that pale green paint from Benjamin Moore we are all talking about (can't remember the name of it).

but I am not a decorator. Does anybody know of any good books I can buy that will help me understand decorating basics?

The house is 8000 ft.² so I have a Lot of room to play around in.

please don't tell me I am too old. That is Soooo yesterday :).
Thanks for all your help Houzzers. You are all wonderful.

Anne Louise Leonore

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  • margocorp

    Anne are you talking about BM Guilford Green?

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  • Lainie D'Eon

    Power to seniors!!

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  • Anne Leonore

    I forgot to say that I am most interested in any ideas any of you might have on how to accomplish this project. Thank you

    Anne Louise Leonore

  • PRO
    Carol Johnson
    Wow, you should really hired an experienced interior designer that has the skills to marry these different styles.
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  • Anne Leonore

    To whiteccafeakamargo

    yes, that's the color. Thanks


  • Lainie D'Eon

    Has the house already been built.

  • hayleydaniels

    I applaud you and can relate to wanting to incorporate your treasures into your decor.

    Try youtube for videos on basic interior design principles. From there I think it really comes down to what you and your husband find appealing as far as what to put with what where. My philosophy with my house is when it looks right, it's done. And when I get tired of it, I change it.

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  • PRO

    If you have the $$$$ for 8000 sq feet, you have the $$$$ for a good interior designer to help you incorporate your treasures into a well designed whole. Look on Houzz, look at the homes of friends where skillful help has made them happy and ask who helped make them happy.

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  • palimpsest

    Lots of English Manor houses built or expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries and in formal styles like Rococo were subsequently filled with primitive artifacts and collections with the expansion of the English Empire and all the colonization and exploration. And there were earlier "cabinets de curiosite" in other parts of Europe, that were basically home museums of arts and natural history.

    I don't see anything inappropriate with building and decorating a full on historical-traditional house and then filling it with multi-cultural artifacts: there is a pretty strong historical precedent for doing so.

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  • margocorp

    It is hard enough to get agreed advice for a throw pillow with so many opinions. With 8000 sq. feet, it would be mayhem!

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  • Cher
    8000 sq, that a lot of house to maintain!! Kudos to you...I only have 2500 sq ft to clean & maintain & that's a challenge at times-lol!! I hope you achieve the look you are after...would love to see pics!:)
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  • acm

    look into examples of the British Empire period, maybe in India or Indonesia -- they very much combined elaborate formal furniture with "native/prmitive" art. you might or might not love the politics, but it was a well developed type of taste that still looks classic.

  • Anne Leonore

    To Lanier DeLeon

    no, not started yet. I am staring at "story poles" right now where the house is going to be. It's right in front of our current house where we are goi g to live while the New one is being built. Anne

  • Anne Leonore

    Thanks for responding, Carol

    yes, I'm sure I'll be hiring somebody. But whoever it is has to know I am part of the process. I guess I'm. Little nervous about bringing g someone in. But we are a ways from that decision since the house has been built yet


  • Anne Leonore

    Dear Palimpsest

    what great ideas! I really appreciate the input. What you are saying makes it even more fun!

    Thanks again


  • Kathryn Beach
    I am not a decorator but I find your story fascinating and will be following your post!

    Please keep adding photos so we can see such an interesting turn out. What an exciting time in your life!

    I hope you get to enjoy every second of it.
  • Anne Leonore

    Dear ACM

    thank you, thank you.

    Etween you and Palimpsest (above) I'm starting to see a plan forming. I have a lot of research to do----- I didn't know anything about all of this.

    Thanks again


  • Anne Leonore

    To Katherine Beach

    OK, since someone else suggested the same thing, I think I might do that.

    There's not much to see you right now, of course. We have the story polls up and are staring at them right now in front of our current house which we are going to be living in while the new one is being built.

    Thank you for your interest. Anne

  • PRO
    American Building Concepts

    I lived in India for 4 years and saw this kind of blend many times in the houses of the old guard royalty. They loved their gilded and flower patterned armchairs sitting next to ancient idols etc. It can be elegant if done correctly although I have been in some very upscale houses that didn't seem to work and were just confusing. Two suggestions:

    1. Focus on the design of the house and furniture and then work out the correct locations for the artifacts. If you try to to design the interior around the artifacts, not only will it be much more challenging but you will also have less room to adjust once the house is built.

    2. Once the house is built and furniture is settled, pull out your goodies slowly, i.e. don't try to find a place for everything at once. By doing this you will find a suitable spot for each treasure and then add to it a little at a time rather than trying to settle many items at once.

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  • Anne Leonore

    Thank you so very much. As I said above, I have a lot of work to do. But I'm starting to see how this can be done. I really, really appreciate your taking the time to write and share such wonderful ideas. I didn't know anything about all of this.

    it's especially helpful to have you explain those steps to me. Again, thank you

  • Architectural Notice

    Are you having an architect design the home? He or she may have ideas for incorporating the two styles.

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