Living in tiny studio in London. Any ideas to renovate cheaply?

17. juli 2016
sidst ændret:24. august 2017

Was originally a studio but has been partitioned by previous owner using stud walls to create a bedroom in the front leaving a strange corridor down the side, to let in light to the back sitting room, which is dark. Kitchen is minuscule about 4x4ft. Has a horrible aertex ceiling. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  • PRO

    hi! Changing the colour of the wood work to white would make a massive difference. Also: consider contacting a couple of local plasterers for a quote to get rid of the artex?

    Good luck!

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  • PRO

    No probs! You have a cool looking space: just go with your heart!

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  • Jonathan
    It depends on your budget.
    If money were no object I would take out the partitions, fit the kitchen as a long run, but a fold down bed so your living space looks bigger until bedtime an decorate in neutrals for a sophisticated look.
    Since everyone has a budget consider getting a plasterer, big mirrors, full length curtains and adjustable lighting
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  • Gregory Wells-King
    Where ever you go with your ideas, I expect moving your bed space would start ticking boxes, however if I had a small ish space of my own, I would really love to explore, built in living. By this I mean how to make every inch of the space practicle and interesting with folding items and slim cupboards, benches and long slim shelves, pull out lighting tech stuff, the way astronauts live in a small space, catch my drift. George Clarks amazing spaces. :)
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  • jgerrard45

    Thanks for your suggestions. It's served a number of purposes over the years. Children have lived in it and it's been rented from time to time. Now for the first time me and my husband have it back. Open plan would be great but our trouble is people are always wanting to come and stay because of the great location. It's centre of London, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham palace all walking distance. I'm trying to stretch a tiny place to do great things. Did have 8 people staying here one night, including a dog!

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    Roon & Rahn

    It's hard to make a total overview of your apartment, but it looks like it could use some objects or pictures on the wall.
    We use our own magnetic hanger system (a peg board) in our apartment. You can change out the pegs to suit your current needs. In the winter we have big jackets and in the summer we used the "glasses hanger" for our shades.

    Moodboard - Magnetic hanger system · Mere information

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  • christineacy

    Let there be light. It does depend on the look you want. But artex eeck! If you have high ceilings you can put in a false ceiling and put in downlights. LED strips are amazing and you can highlight the smallest area. Go for daylight bulbs too. Mirrors also reflect the light back into the room. As for deco, If you want to get at least 8 people in. Something modular and that clears the floor. Think Japanese, to zone off areas when there are a group of people use screens, free standing or drop from the ceiling, from the void where you have the downlights. Where there are stud walls you can create storage in the stud voids. Choose bright and white colours. If still not sure support up and coming young designers by giving the brief to the amazing, St Martins, London Guildhall, or London College of Printing, Westminster .... Have fun !

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  • justina
    Add some mirrors to make it bigger visually
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