KEMIKAZE is a Scandinavian design company, inspired by equipment used in scientific work. We create interior designs out of original lab-equipment, combined in new ways. The names of our products celebrate the great thinkers in science: Those we would probably call “nerds” today, who dared to be different. They knew how to be creative, play with ideas and experiment - and they dared to make mistakes on their way to big discoveries. The approach and the mindset of these great thinkers are a continous inspiration for KEMIKAZE. We believe that experimenting is important for every human being. The functionality, quality and aesthetics of tools and equipment used in scientific labs gives this possibility: The components for the design can be placed, mounted and adjusted in many ways and invite you to experiment on your own with form and expression. The rough and industrial design provides contrast and edge to the home and brings stories about great scientists into the living room. Inspired by the greatest thinkers The Design Team: KEMIKAZE is a Danish family company founded in 2013. We are sisters and have backgrounds in different fields. Ingelise is MSc. in Biochemistry and Elisabeth is MA in Literature and Art. KEMIKAZE gives us the opportunity to combine our common interests in and passion for science and art.

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