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All by House on Water Ltd./Dirkmarine We build Houses on Water, restaurants, offices, showrooms - and they all float on our concrete hull HUBB®. During the last 15 year we have build many places in the world, but our base is in Copenhagen and London. Wherever we build, we set up the facilities that are necessary to start up and finish a production. Everything we build is from the very beginning designed to fulfill the purpose of modern buildings. All our new productions have installations, such as heat pump, under floor heating, air conditioning, PV panels, LED lighting, communications, central vacuum cleaning system etc. …. and they don’t smell of old ship. We have a 15 year faultless track record within our product. And we use our 15 years of experience within naval architecture and marine engineering to build our concrete hull HUBB®. This is approved by the strictest authorities in Scandinavia, it doesn’t rust or require any maintenance or paint. It has 100 years design life and is very environmental friendly. Everything we build is 100 percent custom designed.
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