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The feeling of quality! In the design process, Bettina Juul Eilersen is thinking of every detail – from material selection to the feeling that you get when you look and feel each product. “If you would like to use the word exclusive on my products, then you have an obligation,” says Bettina Juul Eilersen. “Therefore, nothing is left to a chance, and I’m involved within the entire process – from selection of material to the last stitch. I am convinced that this is why, I have success in finding quality retailers, because they can sense and feel my long experience and dedication in my products.” The person behind “to BE living” is the designer Bettina Juul Eilersen, who grow up surrounded by design, quality and colors. As the daughter of renowned furniture designer Jens Juul Eilersen, Bettina Juul Eilersen has been in contact with design; high demands for the best details, lines and colors since she was little. With an apt cliché, you can say that Bettina Juul Eilersen has design in her DNA. Bettina Juul Eilersen has together with her father; Jens Juul Eilersen started Eilersen’s own collection of fabrics. This was an outcome of all the visits to the many textile fairs, where they together found the best textiles. It was also at these fairs that Bettina Juul Eilersen learned how to pick out the best suppliers in order to achieve top quality. One might even say that the circle is connected on multiple levels because in many ways Bettina Juul Eilersen is following her father’s footstep, making an international business within home interior, but instead of choosing furniture and sofas, Bettina Juul Eilersen has chosen to focus on accessories for the home, including rugs, blankets, and cushions. She might have learned the craft and method from her father, who is still an active part of his life’s work, but she is unique when it comes to designing home accessories in exclusive quality.

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