Design By Dane is a company that specialises in Scandinavian design. Products include furniture and other interior items, all new takes on old classics. Styles are minimal and functional, modern but timeless. Attention to detail and good craftsmanship are both key to the production, and there is a strong focus on using only quality materials, from oak to handmade glass. We work with young and upcoming design talents as well as more established designers to be able to offer a range of items that are elegant and well-made, yet affordable. Each one of our products has the potential to become an heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. Purchasing a By Dane interior item is therefore also an investment. At Design By Dane, we aim to offer our sellers the excellent service. It is important to us, that our products are expressions of good, functional design and high quality, yet we believe that innovative design should also be affordable. Our collection regularly expands as we continue to collaborate with professional Danish designers of furniture and interior objects.
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