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Paul Di Stefano Design

Depends upon the nature of the business and what the definition of "growing your business" is. The above may be relevant if you want you increase volume, but that's not aligned with every small business's goals. What we're shooting for quality over quantity? Whilst the intent of the article is good, wonder (doubt) if who writes these articles has actually experienced small business in this industry first hand. In this game, working on people's renovations, it's quite personal/human scaled type of business, and I'd say smaller scaled business can do the "people thing" far better than "corporate" scale entities. Form a business perspective, the smaller you are, the more flexible you can be. The bigger you get, the more staff you have, the hungrier and harder the "beast" becomes to feed. It becomes more mechanical and corporatised. Businesses take on more work just to make ends meet, but does it get executed to better quality? Nope. Is more growth in terms of volume a healthier option for both people in small business, and the Homeowner? Well, not necessarily.

And as for "It can be frustrating for homeowners when a renovation specialist doesn’t give an estimate for work they’ve enquired about...." that's a lengthy and complex discussion point in itself

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Chris Goodchild

I agree with the comments about not making quotes in preference to estimates, with an estimate it must be clear that you are not making a quote and often is can be obvious that some people are just fishing around fir a cheap deal. Almost without fail they will be terrible to work for.

Apprentices are not cheap, they have to have time off for college and studies, they can't do a lot of work without supervision and will cost you more time than a skilled worker.

It is important if a business is expanding to have an idea of how big you want to be, there comes a point where an expanding business has a lot of staff but is making the same or less profit than when smaller. At that point it takes quite a jump to pass that point and become bigger and more profitable but often at the cost of losing the personal approach with clients. If you reach that point you have to stop and decide what you want.

Probably as much as 60% of my work in the past came from other businesses who I had dealt with or worked for previously, working wuth larger companies or for them as a subcontractor can be excellent as you develop a relationship with them and to some degree have cushion between you and the client.

Trade associations, Chambers of commerce and trade shows can all be useful, in the old days it was always the golf course and the 19th hole for many in the building trade.

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Leighton Home Style

I agree with both comments....I would rather give a personal approach and stay small than the corporate and loose what our services are all about...I think its how you balance everything and hope you have a steady flow of work. Building a good relationship with clients comes with years of experience which isn't easy to hand over to someone like an apprentice.

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