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Video game loft with three televisions.

Pour le garde-corps de la mezzanine, nous avons opté pour un filet d'habitation (de type trampoline), car le filet rappelle l'esprit montagne, et j'ai donné une inclinaison au filet pour répondre à la sous-pente du toit. Jérôme Caramalli

Foto: Kai Sternberg


This home was built in 1960 and retains all of its original interiors. This photograph shows the den which was empty when the project began. The furniture, artwork, lamps, recessed lighting, custom wall mounted console behind the sofa, area rug and accessories shown were added. The pieces you see are a mix of vintage and new. The original walnut paneled walls, walnut cabinetry, and plank linoleum flooring was restored. photographs by rafterman.com

The porch functions as a sunny place to overwinter plants and as a great place to read or entertain guests in the summer.

Renovation of existing family room, custom built-in cabinetry for TV, drop down movie screen and books. A new articulated ceiling along with wall panels, a bench and other storage was designed as well.

Gina Taterus

Petit studio rénové au goût du jour mêlant astuces et esthétisme

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