Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Designer Cheshire
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I'm an Garden Designer, Architect and Horticulturalist with over 20 years experience in designing private gardens of all sizes.

My passion from early childhood for gardening has come full circle, taking in on its way an architectural degree, running a 7 strong architectural/interior design practice, a year in South East Asia, and several Royal Horticultural Society qualifications.

I have been designing private gardens in Cheshire, Yorkshire and the North West for over 19 years.

My strength lies in the rare position of having both an architectural and horticultural training, helping me design with ease both the structure and planting.

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Garden Design, Garden Plans, landscape architecture, Garden Design Ideas

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Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester, Wirral, Derbyshire, Yorkshire

Certificeringer og priser
Ba Hons Arch., Dip. Arch./Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate Horticulture.
Kontakt: Caroline Benedict Smith
Sted: Stockport, Cheshire SK8 7DH
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Member of Architects Registration Bd
RHS Advanced Certificate Horticulture
Typisk prisleje: £15,000 - £250,000 +
I work on a wide variety of projects, reflecting very different overall project costs. My input is one of design, coordination and project management and my fees start at £250 for a day of advice and ideas.
Kommenterede: Could you please tell me the name of the beautful purple flowers? Phlox subulata is a spring flowering perennial. The cultivar name of the bright pink one is Crackerjack. Hope this helps!
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Kommenterede: This whole project is GORGEOUS! What stone was used on the patio? Thanks Millie! The stone is reclaimed York stone
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Kommenterede: What's the creeping conifer? It's really lovely. The creeping conifer is Juniper horizontalis. It has a very good prostrate habit.
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Kommenterede: Flowers They are bulbs. A mixture of Allium Globemaster and Allium Purple Sensation. Good to grow them through another plant, in order to mask the Allium's faded and sometimes tatty leaves as their flowers em...
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Kommenterede: need help with garden project Hi Jeanie, consider also your soil type and location before choosing your layout and plants. Mediterranean plants like a very free draining soil especially if you get cold winters. They don,t like win...
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Kommenterede: what kind of tree and plants are those? Beautiful! Hi there ! They are all shade plants. The standard 'lolipop' is a variegated holly (Ilex aquifolium argentea Marginata), the dark hedge on the left is Taxus baccata (Yew), the large leaves are hostas ...
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