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Founding principals Adib Cure and Carie Penabad have insisted on the importance of the city and the search for architecture able to restore associations with the world around. The work of the firm engages architecture and the design of the city as a singular investigation where inquiry and realization, poetry and practicality, history and invention are inextricably linked. Their designs bring together - in a single vision- the experience and cultures of three different countries: Colombia, where Cure was born; Cuba where Penabad’s ancestors are from; and the United States, where the couple studied at the University of Miami and Harvard, settling in Miami to establish their architectural practice.

A typological, historical, contextual, and climatological understanding informs the work. Projects engage contemporary building practices, and are interested in maintaining continuity with the past without being historicist. There is also a pre-occupation with a range of incidental themes such as the importance of perspective and the “visual” in the choreography of space; thus the transfiguration of the commonplace through architecturally staged phenomena has been a consistent goal of the work.

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Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Home Restoration, Sustainable Design, Universal Design

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Certificeringer og priser
Escuelita Buganvilia, 2015
AIA Miami
Escuelita Buganvilia, 2015
MAG HQ, 2015
MDO, 2012
IMSA, 2012

ICAA Design Award for Historic Preservation, Florida Chapter, Cape Dutch House, 2012

Miami Biennale, Silver Medal, Oak Plaza, 2010
Sted: 6915 Red Road
Suite 204
Miami, FL 33143
Typisk prisleje: 250.000 USD - 5.000.000 USD