62 eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA

Det handler om grøn energi, ren samvittighed og færre udgifter…solenergi er kommet for at blive og hører ikke uden grund under betegnelsen ’vedvarende energi’. Med et solcelleanlæg har du ubegrænset adgang til den naturlige energikilde, som solen leverer over hele kloden året rundt – og solceller fanger også sollyset, når der er overskyet! Bliv selvforsynende med elektricitet og sælg evt. det overskydende tilbage til dit lokale elnet – det kan ikke andet end betale sig, at ha solenergi i Nuevo, CA. Mere
  • Home Solar Installs

    Horizon Solar Power is Southern California’s leader in installing top of the line solar electric and solar pool he...

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  • Rooftop Solar Panels - California

    Southern California's Top Solar Energy Contractor

    SunPower® by Precis is Southern California's top solar company. Our technicians are not only experts in the latest...

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  • Matt S.

    Our goal is to deliver affordable, high-quality solar energy systems. We can help you secure your energy future by...

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  • Solar Panel Installations

    Temecula Valley's Premier Solar Energy Contractor – Since 1995!

    Legends Solar is celebrating 27 years of solar expertise. We have installed over 10,000 solar systems in Californi...

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  • Abner & Coleman Residence

    We understand the unique needs of Southern California homeowners when it comes to solar and green energy products....

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  • Riverside's Leader in Solar Energy Solutions

    Energy Renovation Center (ERC) is a leader in the residential solar industry. ERC connects home owners with future...

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  • We are the design and marketing arm for 360 Solar Energy, Inc., a division of Dan's Roofing. We are Hero approved...

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  • Grounded Electric Inc. was founded in 1999 by Mike Barreira. The primary goal of Grounded Electric Inc. is to pro...

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  • Since 1979 SunPower by Precis has been offering the best technology, design, and craftsmanship backed by a knowled...

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  • KND Energy Solutions is dedicated to helping Homeowners and Business Owners determine the best methods to save mon...

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  • Solar installation professionals who consider the aesthetics of the project first and foremost. There are a lot o...

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  • Base Price Power is a full service solar provider based in Redlands, California. Our mission is to provide low cos...

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  • Southern California's #1 Solar Installation Company since 1995 - Over 27 Years Experience! Legends Solar is cel...

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  • JDC Energy is a team of dedicated, renewable energy experts serving the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange Coun...

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  • Energy Renovation Center (ERC) is a leader in the residential solar industry. ERC connects home owners with future...

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  • We help our clients generate savings by capturing the suns energy to power their future. Utilizing solar energy...

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  • With our years of experience in solar energy, you can depend on Pacific Remodeling Group to increase your power ef...

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Udvalgte anmeldelser for eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA

SunPower by Precis
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
17. jun. 2019
“SunPower has been a great asset in our community. Ray is very detailed and great to work—he has always been on top of his work and provides solutions in all situations”
Horizon Solar Power
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
15. dec. 2015
“The services that we received from your company has been outstanding. From installation to the Rick our sales rep, we were treated with respect. The company has been timely and the price of our panels as more than fair. We are very happy with Horizon and would recommend your company to others.”
SolarMax Technology Inc.
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
10. apr. 2014
“I was approached by many different solar companies telling me the same thing "they could save me 15% to 30% on my electric bill if I went with their company." I didn't think that it was worth it due to I would have 2 bills a Solar bill and a electric bill. I thought the purpose of solar was to save money!!! Then soon after I was approached by a guy named Bo from SolarMax Technology his presentation was different from all the others, he presented me with an option of replacing my electric company with Solar and reduce my overall cost by 30% over my electric company. Mom always told me if it's too good to be true then it's not true. But after listening to the representative "Bo" and seeing the savings on paper, everything started making sense. I agreed to get the Solar Panels installed and now after running for 30 days on solar, I've generated more electric then I've needed in those 30 days and according to the electric company I have a credit balance and on top of that the solar bill is about $100 cheaper than my last electric bill. Going with SolarMax Technology for my electric needs I believe was one of the best investments I could have ever made.Thank you SolarMax Technology”
Sun Pro Solar
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
30. dec. 2014
“Sun Pro Solar installed a 5.2 kw solar system on my home in October 2013. The installers were both friendly and very professional. The installation crew did an excellent job on the installation and even went the extra mile and painted all conduit installed on the exterior of my home as well as the interior with color matching paint (attention to detail). I have worked in the electrical industry for many years and would rate the installation work completed very highly. As a bonus the solar system produced more energy the first year than was projected. I would highly recommend Sun Pro Solar to family, friends and neighbors.”
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
14. aug. 2014
“Temecula valley solar was terrific in every way from our sales person Craig Sides to the solar panel installers ... This is probably the best investment we have ever made . We have been in our home for two years and have not once had an electric bill yet , in fact now that we are basically our own energy company Edison has had to give us a refund check twice , once per year . No one believes it but truthfully we have not given one cent to Edison from the beginning .. Our home is large and figure our bill on average would have been at least $ 400.00 per month maybe $ $500.00 or $ 600.00 hundred in the hot months .. We have two air conditioners and a big swimming pool and we don't scrimp on running the air or our appliances .my only regret is that we didn't install the solar sooner .. And temecula valley solar is the one I would call for sure ! Thanks again Craig !”
Grounded Electric Inc.
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
12. jun. 2017
“My name is Frank Sears and I'm a custom home builder in San Clemente, CA. I have used Grounded Electric for all of my electrical and solar needs for the passed 15 years. My company is all about quality, honesty and efficiency and Grounded Electrical fits in perfectly. Mike Barriera has a vast knowledge of all aspects of residential and commercial electrical and had completed each project on time and at his quoted prices. You will not be disappointed with Grounded Electric”
KND Energy Solutions Inc.
eksperter i solenergi i Nuevo, CA
14. sep. 2017
“Scott with KnD energy is extremely knowledgeable about solar systems as well as the building/electrical codes. His pricing was fantastic after shopping around extensively. He still follows up with me to see how the system is working over a year later. Can't say enough good about this company.”
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