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Kommenterede: Design of a shipping container home of the south Coast in NSW Hi Susan, My husband and I have just completed a tiny house build, and I can definitely recommend it. The price works out much cheaper than a shipping container house according to my research ($60,00...
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Kommenterede: Is it even worth reupholstering old chairs!? So pricey! Good point pamackenziequilts. Have you considered reupholstering the chairs yourself? If you learn how to do it properly, either by doing a course or finding a really good YouTube tutorial that will g...
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Kommenterede: exterior colour ideas Hi julieo11, have you had a look at this story on exterior colour suggestions? It might help to give you some ideas on what to do, and what not to do, to make sure you're happy with your colour choice...
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Kommenterede: alternative ideas to formal living Hi Monn Fame, take a look at this story: Stylist, Decorator or Interior Designer: What's the Difference? It can tell you the scope of what an interior designer does (along with decorators and stylists...
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Kommenterede: People in glass efficiency anyone? You're very very welcome :) Good luck with your renovation. And don't forget to share photos when you're done!
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Kommenterede: Suggestions for a window treatment for this please... Hi Cylaena, Have you considered translucent glass louvres? Or perhaps a tinted film or decorative screen over a large picture window? With that view you obviously want to be able to see out, but as pr...
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