Fredsted Floors
Nestled in the forests of Aarhus, Denmark, Fredsted Floors has a true Nordic origin and a natural closeness to what, to us, a fine luxurious floor is all about – WOOD.
Fredsted presents high-quality and luxurious wide plank floors to leading architects, famous designers and discerning homeowners.
Our careful wood selection and production process is a very essential part of a Fredsted Floor. We pay strong attention to detail throughout the whole journey from forest to floor, that is from the delicate choice of trees by experts in the field to the point of integration into the building project.
We believe that a floor is the most unique component of any indoor space. Not only is it the biggest single furniture. It also forms the whole foundation for life’s essentials to unfold.

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Kontakt: Elisabeth Rahbek
Sted: 8270
Hojbjerg, Aarhus