Scandinavian Earthchild
I want to encourage you to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life. On the website and in my articles here on Houzz you’ll therefore find motivation to set up your home and your life so it invites you to live healthily and happily.

You'll be able to find training inspiration, home inspiration and tips to feed your body love through healthy and delicious food. You'll also get recommendations on how to show yourself a little more love in your every day life, which very much starts in the things you surround yourself with. We women have a tendency to put many things before ourselves so the aim is to get women to connect more with themselves by prioritising and loving themselves more. With that in mind, my posts aimed to be easy to understand as well as an enjoyable read.

There is a lot of ‘health’ advice all around the media these days and they all make it out for there to only be one way of being healthy. This is a jungle to navigate (!) and so my advice is to listen to yourself first and find the things that works for you!

We’re all different and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to health and happiness, so love yourself every step of your way and I’m sure you’ll find the path into the life you want.

Områder, der betjenes
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I’m Mai, a Danish personal trainer, yoga teacher, woman’s wellbeing coach and lifestyle blogger based in London. I’ve started Scandinavian Earthchild because I want women to love themselves and shine from the inside into the health and the life they dream of. My blog is a mix of lifestyle tips that includes healthy recipes, workout tips, travel inspiration as well as inspiration to self-love and self-prioritisation.

Writing is my way of inspiring more than just my clients as I want all busy women across the world to know that they can love themselves into anything they want in life. Whether the dream is a blooming love life, a thriving career, or a desire to better the relationship with your body it all starts with you and the surroundings you say yourself up in!

Enjoy, and do to get in touch if you have any questions at all!
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