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It has all the features of an award-winning home—a grand estate exquisitely restored to its historic New Mexico Territorial-style beauty, yet with 21st-century amenities and energy efficiency. And, for a Washington, D.C.-based couple who vacationed with their children in Santa Fe for decades, the 6,000-square-foot hilltop home has the added benefit of being the perfect gathering spot for family and friends from both coasts. Wendy McEahern photography LLC

Jean Longpré

Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

J. Shirley Photography

Hyggelig hule i højderneHar du knap så højt til loftet, men stadig plads til har en hems, kan du sagtens have et lille bibliotek alligevel. Indret hemsen som et hyggehjørne med en lille sofa eller en madras, en masse puder og en lav reol. Så har du både en hyggelig hule og et mini bibliotek i et.FORTÆL OS…Har du brugt din hems som et bibliotek, eller på en anden alternativ måde? - betina_kjerulff

INTERIOR ARCHITECTS Studio Svetti architecture | Emanuele Svetti PHOTOGRAPER Studio fotografico Pagliai | Francesca Pagliai

The owners of this 1890’s timber cottage –an architect and an interior designer – created a dramatic extension that weaves from the remodelled existing house, through a new pavilion accommodating a hall, bathroom, bedrooms, dining area and kitchen, and into the back garden. An original quarter-bond brick fireplace “anchored” the old building and became the extension’s starting point. The new work artfully uses brick to respond to light while defining boundaries and social spaces, creating edges to perch, responding to privacy, and addressing the garden. The brick walls and floors are patterned with quarter-bond variations along with hit-and-miss (perforated) walling and open perpends (the vertical gaps between bricks), blurring the distinction between internal and external space. The brickwork, predominately in Simmental Silver along with reclaimed bricks, captures an architecture that is responsive, connecting to its place and environment. The handcrafted brickwork creates geometries and forms, contrasting mass with void to create a sense of lightness and connection to site. Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones (Elvis & Rose photo by Alex Chomicz)

©ThompsonPhotographic.com 2015

Comedor con aires mediterráneos renovados. Fibras naturales.

Instead of the usual fare, we chose to have a Christmas lunch buffet. Here you can see our table, and a peek of the fireplace, exquisitely dressed for Christmas.

Photo by Hunter Douglas

Jessica Delaney Photography

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