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Jo Ong
6. december 2016
What is the total estimate for the reno cost for this specific project? I assume its not A&A but just plain reno. Thanks
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  • PRO
    Designer House Pte Ltd

    Hi Joey Ong, i don't remember the price already, but yes this is a ready apartment and my client has bought it new from developer, our scopes are more towards interior decoration

    Jo Ong thanked Designer House Pte Ltd
  • N R

    Hello there Joey :)

    Happy Friday!

    Trouble with these projects are that the final materials & finishes suggested by the designer or contractors will increase the cost even tho its very stylish looking. Nonetheless, I believe it can be achieved however depending on the following:

    1. A&A for landed or apartment size?

    2. New built or Reconstruction (landed property)

    3. Or is it only just Interior Styling (no major work involved), minor works to achieve the desired 'look'

    4. Any customized wardrobe, dining table- breakfast area etc.

    I am certain you have an estimate budget & the 'look' that you love for your place. Like everything else, shop around & inquire prices (but only as indicative, not Holy Grail; personally the cheapest does not mean the best either).

    Hope you find this helpful :) by the way Kenwa Constructors helped me with my house before and personally they have been very professional & went all the way out for my requests especially when I like to achieve a certain look. (6286-0800).

    Happy Shopping!

  • Jo Ong

    Thx for the replies. We have only approached one ID and did not shop ard as we only needed very minor fixes. Only a walk in wardrobe and 2 shelves for carpentry but our quote was abit out of expectations. Hence was curious how much the featured décor would have cost

  • N R

    Hello :)

    Perhaps, if you have images of your ideal walk-in-wardrobe showcasing the materials & the colours that you may be interested that might help more with your shopping.

    It all comes down to the selected materials & the size of your walk-in-wardrobe; if not wrong it ranges from $300 for wall mounted cupboard (small with 2 doors) to $3000 full height (2.4m high x 3.5m wide) )sliding mirrored-doors with LED lighting when you slide open the doors :)

    Hope it helps.

  • PRO
    Designer House Pte Ltd

    Hi NR, please call me at 82008901 Thanks!

  • Jo Ong

    I was quoted $70,000 for my walk in wardrobe which will be built in a room measuring 4.4m and 5m. Quote consists of a separate dresser room where a 8ft dressing table and 8ft half height cabinet drawers will also be built. All carpentry quoted for walk in wardrobe will be constructed with spray paint finish and wooden trimmings.

  • PRO
    Designer House Pte Ltd

    Hi Joey, $70,000 can complete a 5 Room Flat, not just a WIW...

    Can you call me at 82008901 to arrange a meet up?

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