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Danish architect Jeppe Utzon runs a small but extraordinarily nice and friendly studio located in the center of Copenhagen. His principal obsession is with architecture although recent and fortunate coincidences has allowed him to also pursue furniture and product design. Jeppe has won several awards for his work and finds it exceedingly stimulating to divide his efforts between multiple disciplines and scales. Jeppe is of the profound conviction that everything comes down to a question of yes or no – and that the key to success in anything is knowing when to say yes and when to say no. He tries very hard to get this right as often as possible. When not working – or, to be perfectly honest, when he really should have been working, Jeppe goes wakeboarding to forget, at least for a while, about all the things he should have been doing instead of going wakeboarding. His propensity for skipping work eventually landed him a technical 18th place at the 2009 danish national championships - thanks in no small part to a lot of people better than him not competing. Other than that Jeppe is mostly busy doing ordinary things like eating, sleeping and taking out the trash. Which is why this short bio should be no longer.
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Index Award Nomination · 2015 Denmark's Most Beautiful Home · Finalist · 2012 Bo Bedre Architectural Ambassador · Denmark · 2011 - 2012 Danish Arts Foundation · Denmark · 2010 Bottom Line Design Award · USA · 2007 Powerhouse Museum Selection · Australia · 2006 Australian Design Mark · 2006

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