Here at Lyd by Dissing we have created an on wall speaker that discreetly and effortlessly integrates into the modern living room. It becomes a natural part of the wall and the room. The main cabinet is finished in a mat off-white colour to match your existing interior and furnitures. We mean it when we say that “our on wall speaker is a piece of furniture”. That is exactly why we have chosen the materials and a finish that matches even the most high end nordic furnitures. Both in quality and style. Our skilled cabinetmakers are building and finising each speaker by hand to ensure the best possible finish. A good piece of furniture must integrate into the existing interior in stead of sticking out. With the off-white back and Ash wood finish on the front, our on wall speaker will seamslessly become a natural part of the interior and living room. The placement on the wall ensures that you always will be able to place the speaker in its most optimum position, ensuring true high end listening and at the same time not making a compromise with the placement of the rest of your interior.
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